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Hardwick Gazette - Obit.November 26, 2014

I read Lillian Chaffee’s obit in the Gazette a couple weeks ago. She lived with her husband Charles in East Hardwick, just up the street from us. I didn’t know her, but I remember Charles as Charlie. He worked with my dad sometimes doing carpentry and other building jobs.

Many summer days during the mid-1950s, after completing his mail route, Dad pitched to Jon and I on the front lawn. I was glad when Charlie saw us, and came to help in the outfield. Jon was older than I, and appeared to take pleasure in sending me running in what seemed like a different direction every time he swung the bat. Charlie was a big help. A very easy-going, nice person.  

I bought my first deer rifle from Charlie, a .32 Special carbine. He wanted me to shoot it a couple times, to be sure I would be okay with it. We walked to the railroad tracks, crossed the trestle across the creamery brook, and continued until we came to a sand bank on the left side of the tracks (away from the village). I liked the weapon, and shot a fair number of deer with it.

I’m thinking this is the beginning of another memoir story…

Melody's Second of 3: "Silent Seeds"November 22, 2014

I finished my proof of “Silent Seeds” this afternoon. It deals with a young adults group who seek justice. Very interesting. And fast reading. At editor’s now. Don’t know yet where or when it will be published, but I’ll certainly post the info when it’s available. Melody has worked very hard on this sequel, and is anxious to get started on #3.

Trouble with login.November 06, 2014

Forgot how to sign in. Only took about a half hour…then Melody figured it out. Anybody else out there sick of passwords.

Watching CMA Awards. They sound more like rock every year. Surprise guest singer Loretta Lynn.

Earlier today, sent a story to They have many submissions, so it’ll be a while before I find out if it gets published. Wish me luck!

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