About Barry Dimick Photography

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Barry DimickI was born and raised in Northeastern Vermont, and I’ve always loved being outdoors. Playing baseball, hunting, or fishing, it didn’t matter. I participated in any activity to be outside.

I played baseball in the Cape Cod League in 1969, and was drafted by Uncle Sam, not the Boston Red Sox as I’d hoped, the following spring. My fiancée and best friend, Melody Dean, whom I met at Castleton State College in Southern Vermont, and I eloped six days before my departure for duty in South Vietnam. After 40 years, we’re still together.

In 2001, I decided to take my avocation up a notch, took two photography courses, and learned to produce professional quality images. Some of the early results are on this website. Most scenic photos are from the Lake Placid, NY area and the Chateaugay Lake/Lyon Mt. area. The birds and animals are mostly from Central Florida.

Take some time to browse through my images. If you enjoy fly fishing, check out a few of my son, Barry’s, creations that I photographed and included here. Please visit my site regularly as more photos will be added in the coming months.

Looking for a screensaver or background for your website? Go to melodydeandimick.com to see how my wife incorporated her favorite of my photos into her site.